Founder and Executive Director

Mrs. Rosalyn Brown

My name is Rosalyn Brown and I am a Breast Cancer Survivor.  I was diagnosed with Breast Cancer at the age of 30. I am married and have 4 beautiful children. Through my journey of breast cancer it inspired me to help other individuals and families through there walk of cancer.

The family structure is so important and my desire is to help Push individuals to there Purpose while Providing them the tools they need to succeed and Push Out Cancer! 

On September 24, 2006 my world changed.  I discovered a lump under my left arm which was a swollen lymph node.  I underwent a mammogram and biopsy that lead to the findings of breast cancer.  I was classified as having stage 3b HER-2 positive breast cancer.  I underwent several surgeries that included a mastectomy of my left breast, reconstruction and chemotherapy for 5 months.  My life changed from that day forward.  I never really knew how strong I was until I was faced with this fight.
I am now an 11 year survivor that is living and loving every moment of life.  I thank God for healing my body and giving me an awesome support team throughout the process.  I Am A Survivor!

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