Support Groups

The Pink House meets every first Saturday of each month.  We use this time to allow presentations to be made from business and health professionals, to discuss upcoming Pink House events and plans and to provide support to individuals in need.  Our meetings are open to the public.

Youth Support Group

It is very important for our youth to have a platform to discuss and ask questions about cancer.  They also need to know and understand that they are not in this alone.  

Our youth division focuses on educating our youth about cancer and other health concerns on a level they can understand.  We do this through team building efforts and different fun filled activities.

Mission statements 

Providing a variety of resources needed while Preparing people for their transitions in life while Pushing individuals towards a Prosperous and Healthy Lifestyle Living!

Youth Mission

Cultivating our youth to show a strong kinship bond, work orientation, culture of achievement, religious views, educational platforms, freedom of arts and ability to transform family roles.